The Red Shoes

Interactive installation with magic red shoes, dance, song, music, figures and play for the very young, those who have just started to walk on their own feet. This performance is made through play and improvisation, in close contact with children from 1 years old.

The play is open and seeks contact with the children, inviting them into the spatial installation of red shoes. There are red rubber boots with secret worlds inside, singing shoes, shoes floating in the air, shoes with eyes and teeth, shoes with light, shoes for dancing and rolling, shoes for driving and spinning. The performance builds upon the fairytale by H.C Andersen, about possessive red shoes, shoes that have their own life. In the performance, some of the shoes are transformed into headsets with sound compositions for listening.

Technical & practical information

This is an interactive performance for the very young, especially prepared for the 1-2 years old children. Those under 1 have also showed great interest, as for the older ones and adults.

Description of the installation:

The installation is designed to fit in to the actual room the performance is to be played in, and is made of a variety of red shoes. Living dance shoes hovering from the ceiling, jumping shoes, puppet shoes, musical shoes, singing shoes, red rubber boots filled with secret worlds and playing shoes with sounds and light. Some of the shoes contains headsets with sound compositions inside, which children and adults may be listening to.

Technical requirements: 

The room itself must be at least 6 x 8 meters, and it is suitable that the room is not very much larger, max 8 x 10 m because we use both side walls in the play.

The floor have a grey carpet covering at least 3 x 4 m. It must be possible to let down shoes from the ceiling, and it requires at least 6 points with pullies, hooks or rowels. The distance from roof to ceiling do not have to be more than 3 m, if it is, the cables for singing shoes might need to be adjusted (maybe soldered) at the place.

It is an advantage if there are daylight in the room, together with scene lighting. It is possible to bring some necessary light and special designed baby mattes for the audience

Description of the performance:

The performance is made for the very young, and seeks contact and participation from the children through a visual, audible and physical progress with dance, sounds, singing, music, theatre, puppetry and episodical actions.

The performance is shaped through physical and musical improvisation and invites the children into open interaction and playing with the artists. Because of this, and the unforeseen (but wanted!) happenings, the children audience must not be more than about 30, while the adult audience is only restricted by the size of the room. One performance has a duration of about 50 min, including introduction, play and rounding.

Contributors on tour:

Actors / dancers: Line Strøm, Hilde Bjerkeskaug, Terese Vangstad
Musician: Tor Haugerud
Installation and technical assistance: Lise Hovik


We can estimate a total price depending on actual conditions. Travel and lodging for 5 persons is required. It will be possible to apply for financial support from the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Cultural Department.

Contributors in the production:

Director, scenographer: Lise Hovik
Composer and musician:Tor Andreas Haugerud
Choreographer: Tone Pernille Østern
Actors / dancers: Line Strøm, Hilde Bjerkeskaug, Terese Vangstad
Producer: Lise Hovik

Financial production support: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde, Sør Trøndelag Fylkeskommune